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Kayley Lucero

Kayley is the fitness and health coach at Mibospi. Once a week at the clinic, our clients work with Kayley as they focus on gaining their ultimate physical health. Kayley instructs, teaches, educates, and inspires.

Kayley is well a rounded professional functional fitness expert with a mastery of martial arts. Kayley guides our clients to develop core strength, physical endurance, joint mobility, and performance improving flexibility. One of the favorite MiBoSpi fitness activities is boxing, and you'll find Kayley leading the way with a unique blend of intensity and enjoyment. 

Kayley promotes a health and wellbeing by helping our clients to commit to living a healthy lifestyle. The outcome of her work is experienced by our clients as they learn to relieve stress, move better, and find "fun" in fitness regardless of our client's levels of fitness.