What To Consider When Researching IOP Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

What To Consider When Researching IOP Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Intensive outpatient programs for drug addiction treatment provide an effective way to receive treatment while still maintaining your everyday obligations in life. Outpatient programs at drug rehab centers offer intense treatment that helps you to remain focused on achieving sobriety and staying sober. Many provide a wide array of treatment options that allow for the care you receive to be tailored to your unique needs. Yet as the need for addiction treatment grows, many rehab centers are popping up that offer a sub-standard level of care and are focused more on making a profit that offering any relief. Here’s how to protect yourself from fraudulent addiction treatment centers.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction?

An intensive outpatient program for drug or alcohol addiction provides outpatient treatment that is suitable for those who have just left a residential rehab center or who are in the early stages of addiction. With intense therapy sessions lasting a few hours several days each week, you can receive the treatment and support you need. Treatment can and often does vary, with private drug rehab centers, such as MiBoSpi Recovery, offering a variety of treatment methods. There is no standard treatment model that fits every addict nor every type of addiction. Having a variety of treatment modalities available allows that program to modify the drug addiction treatment to fit your needs so that it can be as effective as possible.

Qualities of Legitimate Drug Rehab Centers

All drug addiction treatment centers are not created equal and there, unfortunately, many that have been created simply to take advantage of hurting people[1]. But a legitimate outpatient drug rehab center offers many benefits that can help you maintain sobriety if you’re addiction doesn’t warrant residential treatment center.

Many of these outpatient programs are privately run. This affords you an increase in privacy as state-run programs record your attendance and keep records of your treatment that are accessible by other government run agencies. This isn’t a concern with a privately run program who are also able to provide a higher standard of care to every individual they help as they serve fewer people at a time. That means you get more personalized care suited to your individual needs, don’t have to worry that your therapist isn’t listening because they’re burned out from helping too many people or rushed for time to because there are ten more people they need to see after you that day.

Many private programs also offer a wider array of treatment options, allowing you to receive truly specialized and tailored treatment that fits your unique experience with addiction. For example, at MiBoSpi Recovery, you’ll have access to evidence-based treatment while also being able to receive the benefit of innovative treatment options such as nutrition and fitness, float therapy, and kundalini energy work.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking at Drug Rehab Centers

When looking at drug addiction treatment centers, there are a number of things to look out for that will help you determine if that drug rehab center is focused on helping people or on making a buck. Many of these programs are easy to dismiss due to guaranteed sobriety and promises of miracle cures. Here are some points and questions to consider as you compare rehab centers.


  • Check out online reviews. Google maps is a great place to start as it’s accessible and allows for anonymous reviews (increasing the chances that you’ll find any negative reviews or comments.) Also look for a social media presence and see how that program responds to questions and feedback -especially criticism. Big red flags are complaints of billing issues after completing treatment, such as insurance companies being notified once treatment was completed, or complaints about questionable urine drug testing (such as increased testing when reaching the end of treatment; proper UDT works on a step-down basis, with more frequent testing at the start of treatment, with reduced frequency occurring at risk points or when erratic behavior is evident.)
  • How quickly will they work with you to begin treatment? Some treatment centers will make you wait days or even weeks before you can begin addiction treatment. However, a legitimate outpatient program will speak to you right away and get you into their program as quickly as possible. This is because they understand the importance of treatment and support throughout your journey to sobriety.
  • Additional questions to consider. Do they provide evidence-based treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy or is their treatment based on religious teachings and/or fad therapies that lack evidence of efficacy and results? Do the therapists have the accreditation they claim to have? Has the program been accused of fraud, including insurance or urine drug testing fraud?

 Experience a New Standard of Innovative Care with MiBoSpi Recovery

At MiBoSpi Recovery, you will receive the full benefit of a privately run rehab center that is focused on providing treatment that strengthens and heals you on all levels. In working with you to identify your unique treatment needs and goals, you receive an innovative level of care that promotes healing from within, helping you to work through your addiction and reclaim your life. Their staff understands the struggles that addicts face and are there to help you should you stumble. There is no judgment, just the genuine desire to see you live a life of sobriety.

That genuine care and desire to help others find healing is evident throughout their inclusivity. No one is turned away for not having insurance; MiBoSpi Recovery will work with you to find affordable payment options so you can still receive the treatment you need to get your life back on track. MiBoSpi Recovery is also an affirmed safe space for LGBTQIA individuals and other marginalized people.


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