Why Consider Local IOP Treatment

Why Consider Local IOP Treatment

Choosing A Local Intensive Outpatient Rehab Program

There are considerable benefits in choosing a local intensive outpatient rehab program. An intensive drug rehab center provides the same standard of care as more costly inpatient rehab centers. You will have access to a variety of therapeutic treatments that support you through your journey in recovery by addressing the specific needs of your alcohol addiction or substance abuse.

Intensive outpatient programs for addiction are designed in a way to provide you with all the support and encouragement you need while allowing you the freedom and independence necessary for you to start living the life that addiction took away. At MiBoSpi Recovery, you’ll work with an empathetic team of experts who understand the process of recovery intimately. They’ll work with you to identify your sober living goals and be with you every step of the way in achieving them.
At MiBoSpi Recovery You’ll have Access to:

• Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to help you break maladaptive habits and thought patterns, allowing you to begin living a new -sober- life

• Group therapy in a supportive environment with others who are going through similar struggles as they work toward their own recovery

• Family therapy to help your loved ones learn how to support you through the process of recovery and to help repair any damage or strain to relationships as caused by addiction

• A strong holistic focus that addresses the entire person -mind, body, and spirit

• Kundalini energy work to nourish your spirit and help you to learn new coping strategies for dealing with stress and tension -helping you to avoid relapse [1]

• Pranasana yoga to strengthen your body, increase flexibility, and help you to proactively deal with stress and keep your mind clear and focused

• Life skills training to help you build the life you’ve always wanted; recovery opens new doors

A treatment schedule that won’t force you to put your life on hold while you heal, Reclaim your Future with Local Outpatient Rehab Recovery is a process and an outpatient drug rehab center will help you to stay focused and motivated. Outpatient rehab offers frequent weekly obligations to help to retrain your thoughts and embrace the honesty that is required for recovery. It’s an additional layer of support, nonjudgmental, understanding, and with people who have been where you are now.

The team at MiBoSpi Recovery will help you to discover for yourself that recovery is a reality. [2] No matter where you are in your battle with addiction, you can reclaim your future with local outpatient rehab. You can achieve recovery and a new sober life. You’ll receive the support you need through accessible treatment: there’s no need to disrupt your life, risk losing your job while you get help, or to put your dreams of getting your degree on hold. Intensive outpatient program hours fall in the evenings, meeting several times per week to provide you with continued support.

The Benefits of Drug Rehab Centers: Addiction treatment at MiBoSpi Recovery focuses on helping you create a new life that supports your recovery, providing you the resources and support you need to get through each day sober. We help you to find effective ways to relieve the tension that can cause relapse in ways that strengthen your mind, body, and spirit. This serves to keep you strong in your recovery and with a full arsenal of coping mechanisms to help you combat the tension and inability to relax that are the largest contributors to relapse.

In addition to a strong emphasis on healing your entire person -mind, body, and spirit- you’ll also receive the highest standards in cognitive behavioral therapy to help you break the destructive thinking habits that contribute to the use of alcohol and drugs as coping strategies. In changing those negative thought patterns, you allow yourself to live a new life -one where there’s no room for alcohol addiction or substance abuse. That new life is you sober, healthy, and working towards your goals.

Outpatient rehab in a drug rehab center can help you to realistically achieve your recovery goals. Through personalized alcohol addiction and substance abuse treatment, you’ll receive a continuum of support based on medically recognized therapies with a strong focus on holistic treatment. That focus on strengthening you -mind, body, and spirit- enables you to begin healing from the inside, further equipping you with the skills needed to live a successful -and sober- life. Recovery is a process, and you don’t have to go it alone. With MiBoSpi Recovery, you’ll receive the treatment, education, and support you need to meet your recovery goals.



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