Intensive Outpatient Programs Defined

Intensive Outpatient Programs Defined

If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other substances, then one of the treatment options available is an intensive outpatient program. Before you decide if this is the best option for you, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what this type of program is, the reasons to attend, the treatments and therapies, used, who delivers them, and the benefits for you and your family members. It is only by knowing exactly what is involved that you can make an informed decision. To help you gain a better understanding, here is intensive outpatient programs defined.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

The first thing to understand is exactly what an intensive outpatient program is before deciding if it is for you. An intensive outpatient program is a facility that provides care, treatment, and therapies for those who are suffering from an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other substances. It is a form of a drug rehabilitation center, but it differs from a residential rehab center because those who use the facility do not need to stay overnight or spend prolonged periods as an inpatient.

Instead, those who attend an intensive outpatient do so for specific appointments to receive treatment or therapy. Many people with an addiction prefer this option as it means they can remain with their families and continue to meet any responsibilities while also receiving the treatment they need. An outpatient program is a convenient alternative to the other options.

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    Why Would Someone Need to Use a Utah Intensive Outpatient Program?

    There are many reasons why a person may need to use a Utah intensive outpatient program. However, the main reason is that they need support to overcome their addiction as this is something that is extremely difficult to face without professional help. By opting to attend an intensive outpatient program drug rehab, the individual will have access to experienced and qualified professionals who can deliver the treatments and therapies that will support them through the drug rehabilitation process.

    A further reason why a person may need to use a Utah intensive outpatient program is to access aftercare services. Some people choose to spend time at a residential drug rehab center when they first begin treatment to overcome an addiction. Following this process, they may need continued support to reduce the risk of relapse [1]. If this is the case, they may choose to attend an intensive outpatient program drug rehab to prevent them from succumbing to their addiction in the future.

    What Are the Most Common Disorders That Cause People to Use an Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab?

    There are some common disorders that may cause a person to need to use an intensive outpatient program drug rehab. Two of the most common of these are as follows:

    • Substance abuse disorder- The most common cause of people needing to use an Intensive outpatient program drug treatment is that they are suffering from a substance abuse disorder. This is a disorder that involves an individual abusing one or more substances, such as alcohol, tobacco, hallucinogens, opioids, hypnotics, cannabis, inhalants, sedatives, or anxiolytics.
    • Mental health issues [2]- There is also a link between some mental health issues and drug or alcohol abuse that would lead an individual to need treatment at an intensive outpatient program. For example, some people who suffer from anxiety or depression may also suffer from an addiction.
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    What Happens When Someone Spends Time at a Utah Intensive Outpatient Program?

    Most Utah intensive outpatient programs plan the structure of the program based on the needs of the individual. Therefore, not everyone will have the same experience of attending a drug rehab program. The professionals make a full assessment of the individual before deciding what to include in the program. Some of the factors they consider may include the type of addiction, the individual’s general health, and the length and severity of the addiction. Just some of the treatments and therapies that are potentially included in an intensive outpatient program drug rehab are:

    • Medication management- Some people who are trying to overcome their addiction are prescribed medication. This is usually to help them with symptoms associated with withdrawal. If someone is taking medication, they need to see a qualified health professional regular who can monitor their progress and ensure they are taking the right medication at the correct dosage.
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) [3]- This is a form of therapy that is often used with people who are suffering from an addiction as it aims to replace negative thoughts and behavior with positive thoughts and behavior.
    • Counseling- Counseling plays an important role in the rehabilitation process and this can come in many forms. Almost everyone who attends an intensive outpatient program drug rehab will receive one-on-one counseling. They may also participate in group or family counseling sessions. Attending counseling sessions can help the individual to think about their feelings, identify triggers for their drug taking, and to share their experiences.
    • Other therapies- There are lots of other therapies that are proven to help those with an addiction to face the challenges of drug rehabilitation. Some of those available may include expressive therapies, experiential therapies, yoga, kundalini energy work, float therapy, and hypnosis.
    • Aftercare services- Some people use an intensive outpatient program as part of their aftercare following a stay in residential rehab to reduce the risk of them experiencing a relapse.
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    Who Are the Practitioners and Therapists Who Deliver the Different Treatments and Therapies That Are Part of Intensive Outpatient Program Drug Treatment?

    Which practitioners and therapists deliver treatment and therapies to an individual depends on what is included as part of the intensive outpatient program drug treatment plan. Some of the professionals that an individual may encounter during their visits to an intensive outpatient program drug rehab center are:

    • Doctors
    • Drug addiction specialists
    • Psychotherapists
    • Counselors
    • Psychiatrists and
    • Therapists with various specialisms

    In the End, How Does an Intensive Outpatient Program Benefit an Individual?

    Most people with an addiction want to receive the treatment that will give them the most benefits. Therefore, learning about the benefits of an intensive outpatient program is important. It is worth knowing that there are lots of benefits for the individual that make it worthwhile.

    One of the main benefits is the improvement that is will make to the health of an individual. While suffering from an addiction, the individual may suffer from both physical and mental health problems that are associated with drug abuse. Once they have tackled their addiction, many areas of their health may begin to improve.

    In most cases, it is not only the health of an individual that suffers because of their drug abuse as it can impact on many areas of their life. For example, they may experience financial problems, have difficulty holding down a job, and find it difficult to enjoy meaningful and fulfilling relationships. By attending an intensive outpatient program for support to overcome their addiction, these are areas of the individual’s life that can benefit.

    Overall, each of the benefits combined will help the individual to move forward and to reach their full potential. They can go on to have a life that is much happier and more fulfilling once they are living a drug or alcohol-free life.

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    Are There Also Benefits for the Family Members of an Individual Attending a Utah Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program?

    Not only are their benefits to an individual who is attending a Utah intensive outpatient program, but there are also wider benefits for their family members. It is often forgotten that the family members of an addict also suffer during their addiction. It puts a lot of strain on family relationships and can put other family members under pressure in terms of practical and financial responsibilities. There is also the stress of watching a loved one suffer from the health problems associated with addiction.

    Once the individual attends ad intensive outpatient program, many of these issues are overcome. The individual can rebuild their relationships with their family members and then everyone can enjoy regular family life. Many families find it helpful to attend family therapy with the individual at the Utah intensive outpatient program to help them through this process.

    Attending an intensive outpatient program is one of the best options for people who are suffering from an addiction as it has many benefits for both the individual and their family. The treatments and therapies that are part of a Utah intensive outpatient program can significantly as they are tailored to meet the needs of the person suffering from an addiction. Although each person’s experience is different, the aim of a Utah intensive outpatient program is always to help an individual to overcome their addiction so they can enjoy a happy, healthy, and drug-free life.


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