Our Purpose

To educate and inspire people to make the changes necessary to live a rich and empowered life.

Our Purpose is to help addicts find a life-saving and personal level of "recovery." What makes us unique is that we work with folks looking for a level of care that makes it possible to seek sobriety while still functioning in society (i.e., employment). Our goal is to quickly acclimate them back into the real world.

"Our purpose is to help our clients formulate a long-term plan for sustained recovery."

Jared DavisFounder and CEO of MiBoSpi Recover

Regardless of the demands of our client's "real world,", including parental responsibilities, employment, or completion of academic pursuits our program provides a powerful depth of treatment and support that equips our clients to succeed.

The purpose of the MiBoSpi program is to provide our clients with effective treatment coupled with skills development to effectively deal with the stresses of life while maintaining sobriety.

Our intensive treatment secures the intended therapeutic intervention for our clients by their daytime participation various therapy sessions each week (10 hours/week). Sessions run three nights a week and include individual (CBT), group therapy, kundalini energy work, pranasana yoga, float therapy, life skills, psychotherapy classes, and based an individualized treatment plan enhanced by a specific relapse prevention plan.