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Currently, 21.5 million Americans struggle with drug addiction [1]. If you are one of them or know someone who is, seeking an Intensive Outpatient Program in Salt Lake City, UT can provide the help needed to overcome and manage addiction without putting your life on hold.

Below, you’ll find the information you need to know on what intensive outpatient programs near Salt Lake City, UT, as well as who may need these types of services and how the entire family will benefit when a loved one receives this treatment.

What is Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment?

At Intensive Outpatient Programs in Salt Lake City, UT, drug addiction treatment is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of living at an inpatient facility in Salt Lake City, UT, you continue to reside in your own home and live your day-to-day life as you receive treatment for your addiction as an "outpatient." This treatment may include a variety of proven therapeutic modalities, such as group and individual counseling, substance abuse education, information on relapse prevention, medication management, or a combination. How long and often you attend outpatient rehab near Salt Lake City, UT will be decided after meeting with the highly trained and supportive staff.

Who May Need an Intensive Outpatient Program?

While anyone wanting to put an end to their battle with a drug or alcohol addiction is likely to benefit from an intensive outpatient program, some individuals from Salt Lake City, UT may be at a greater need for this more flexible form of drug treatment. You may find that you or someone you love from Salt Lake City, UT who needs intensive outpatient treatment if:

  • You understand that there is no “quick-fix” for drug addiction, yet have a strong internal desire to take control of your drug addiction and do not need or have already completed a medical detox.
  • You have received inpatient drug addiction treatment and crave the continued education, support, and access to resources you will receive when attending an outpatient drug rehab center in Salt Lake City, UT. In fact, studies show that a key factor to recovery is social and community support [2].
  • You want to put an end to your addiction but cannot disrupt your daily routine to attend an inpatient drug rehab center in Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Outpatient rehab treatment is frequently offered during the day and evening, as well as on weekends, in an effort to accommodate all schedules.
  • You desire high-quality care but are unable to afford the high costs associated with inpatient drug addiction treatment.
  • You are in the early stages of addiction and are motivated to regain control of your life by gaining the skills and tools you need to overcome your addiction.
  • You crave the added support you will receive from being around your peers.
  • You have a desire to address the underlying causes of your substance abuse to further your chances of a long-lasting recovery.
  • You feel that being accountable to others will help you continue living a drug-free lifestyle.

How Will Your Entire Family Will Benefit from Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Your drug use has likely had a drastic impact on your family. Fortunately, receiving intensive outpatient treatment in an outpatient setting can help you repair and rebuild strained or broken relationships one step at a time. Although this is rarely an easy task, it is necessary to make amends for any past destructive behaviors and reestablish trust with your loved ones.

A breakdown in family communication often results from drug addiction. In outpatient rehab, you’ll discuss and learn healthy and effective communication techniques. When you learn how to deal with conflicts in a positive manner and without resorting to drugs and alcohol, your entire family will benefit. Not only will they begin to understand you better, but they’ll also feel more comfortable expressing themselves to you.

Your family will also benefit from having you at home while you are undergoing drug addiction treatment. This is often less upsetting to children than having a parent leave for an inpatient facility for an extended period of time. In addition, your family does not experience any negative consequences that may result from taking time off work, and you will be able to attend important family functions and events. Even better, you’ll be sober.

Most importantly, your family will benefit from the person you become while receiving intensive outpatient program treatment in Salt Lake City, UT. Seeing you live your life as a healthy, sober person and knowing they can trust you and count on you when they are in need are perhaps the greatest benefits of all.


[1] SAMHSA - Behavioral Health Trends: 2014 Survey on Drug Use and Health

[2] Pathways to Long-Term Recovery


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Salt Lake City, UT State Resources for Struggling Adults Battling Drug Abuse

MiBoSpi Recovery is a superior intensive outpatient treatment meticulously created by a league of faithful and licensed behavioral health counselors, who have assisted many individuals from Salt Lake City, UT as well as their families as a whole. Many of our staff got our start in the substance abuse treatment and rehabilitative treatment industry because of our own encounters with a loved one who suffered with similar experiences. MiBoSpi Recovery offers struggling adults in Salt Lake City, UT a comprehensive collection of outpatient rehabilitative treatment opportunities. The professional therapists at MiBoSpi understand the common obstacles that our clients are being faced with in today’s modern world and the high-pressure community in Salt Lake City, UT. We can deliver resources that are invaluable for struggling adults to direct them to eventually tackle their substance abuse obstacles, as well as their social, motivational, and/or behavioral trials that are most likely a product of their addiction, in a way that is healthy, productive, and long-lasting. Our quality and professional counselors are particularly familiar with the current trials that struggling adults in Salt Lake City, UT have previously intimately known in the past, as well the obstacles that they currently experience in their everyday lives.

At MiBoSpi Recovery, we truly believe we are the most sufficient and top-notch intensive outpatient treatment for treating alcohol dependence, drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana), and any other addiction trials present in struggling adults in the Salt Lake City, UT area. The caring therapists at MiBoSpi are ready to direct men, women, and their families to help them restore and learn to cope with their trials associated with addiction/dependency.

A Guide to Community Based Recovery Support Services in The Salt Lake City, UT Area

Recovery High Schools of Salt Lake City, UT

Secondary schools in Salt Lake City, UT are designed specifically for students in recovery from substance use disorder or dependency. Although each school operates differently depending on available community resources and state standards, each recovery high school in Salt Lake City, UT share common goals.

Recovery Community Organizations in Salt Lake City, UT

An independent, non-profit organization led and governed by representatives of local communities of recovery, including the community of Salt Lake City, UT. These organizations organize recovery-focused policy advocacy activities in Salt Lake City, UT, carry out recovery-focused community education and outreach programs in Salt Lake City, UT, and/or provide peer-based recovery support services in Salt Lake City, UT.